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East Los Angeles Painters

Guide to hiring East Los Angeles painters

When it comes to doing something for your dream home, we always want the best. Right from the basic foundation of your to the final designing and decorations. Painting is one such task which needs to be done perfectly by great hands to make sure that your heaven looks beautiful and absolutely exquisite! However it is a very common tendency of people to not do proper homework about choosing the perfect East Los Angeles painters.

So let us walk through some basic tips as to how to hire a professional painter.

1. Ask around and do a thorough check up

One great way to hire them is by asking around friends, family who have had an overall good experience with some professional contractors and get trustworthy and honest reviews. Painters do offer pictures from their past jobs as a valid testimony of their work but that may not be enough. If possible, visit the places which I they have worked on in the past and take a closer look at things. Inspect a job which was done a few years ago and not something recent as the real test of the job is how well it stands up over a long time.

2. Take estimates from a couple contractors

Talk to some contractor of your choice after doing research and take a rough quotation. If they are all good at their work, the estimates will not have wide differences.

3. Interview the painter that you choose

You can follow this simple questionnaire to make sure you have all questions answered before getting into anything

– How long have you been working and how many contracts have you taken till now?

– Do you have bonding and insurance ?

– Is all the work performed by you or you appoint other people to work for you?

– Are you licensed to work ?

– What kind of paints will you be using ?

– Will you be providing any receipts for the purchases made ?

4. Give inputs

It is your place after all so you have all the right in this world to give any inputs that you want to give. Your likes, dislikes and ideas should and will be catered to by them. Be specific about the finishes, textures ,paint colors and the surfaces that you want to be colored.

5. Keep a close eye on their behavior

There are a few things which will show the personality traits of your painter and in turn reflect how good and serious they are about their jobs. A professional painter ought to be courteous and should project a sense of professionalism. His overall punctuality will reflect how far he will be able to complete the project on time.

6. Review the contract, carefully

Now that you have reached the final step in hiring the professional painter, review the contract that you both have settled on. Read the contract carefully and ask any questions which you have regarding the contract at that very point and get them clarified.

– Ask your painter regarding the pre-paint preparations and when will they start and make sure that proper clean up arrangements are made post-painting.

– Ask him how is he going to keep the furniture, patio and plants protected amidst the painting.

– Estimated time that the project might take from start to end.

– How and when should the contractor be paid.

If you follow these basic steps then you will be absolutely ready to hire the perfect East Los Angeles painters for your dream place.



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